The Elevator Speech: Say This When an Interviewer Asks You to “Tell Me About Yourself …”


Should You Consider a Temporary Job? PrideStaff

“Tell me a little about yourself.” Sounds easy enough, right? Or not!  Where do you start – and what do you actually say, especially if your next job may be depending on it? Often, this is among the very first questions asked by interviewers. And although a lot of other variables factor into a final… Read more »

Be Prepared to Answer These Questions During Your Next Phone Interview


A phone interview is typically your first interaction with a prospective employer. Even though you’re not actually meeting face-to-face, it’s still their first impression of you, and vice versa. To be sure you leave them wanting to know more about you, versus eliminating you from their short list of serious candidates, bring your A game… Read more »

Phone Interview Skills You Should Have


Anything but a formality, many employers use phone interviews as a first-round screening process. If you’ve received an interview invitation of this nature, take it seriously, because you won’t advance to the next round if you don’t make a good impression. The interviewer will likely be speaking with several candidates, so brush up on your… Read more »