How a Staffing Agency Can Benefit Your Business in Times of Uncertainty


As your business continues to respond to changing market conditions, working with a staffing agency can be a smart strategic decision. Flexibility is always crucial to the success of your company, but in times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to be able to pivot – on a dime, if necessary. That’s where temporary… Read more »

The Benefits of Temping: Why Temporary Work Can Be a Great Career Move


As you pursue your job search, a temporary job may not be high on your list of preferred outcomes. Or … maybe it is? Or … maybe it is, as a step toward something more permanent? The important point to keep in mind is: Don’t automatically rule out temporary work as a career move. Temping… Read more »

3 Ways to Finally Start Speaking Up During Meetings and Improve Your Overall Confidence


Do you struggle to speak up during meetings? Maybe you’re an introvert: you often have ideas that feel like they’re worth sharing, but it’s just not in your nature to readily speak out loud to a group. Or, perhaps your team members are at the opposite end of that scale: they’re extroverts who speak so… Read more »

Here’s How Changing Your Work Environment Can Change Everything


Having These Skills Will Help You Compete in Today’s Workplace

Your happiness at work can be impacted by a wide range of factors – everything from the other people you associate with to the tools you use every day and even the look and design of your workspace. Are you feeling discontent, stress or continued dissatisfaction with your work environment? Frustration crops up for everyone,… Read more »

Are You Helping Stand-Out Employees Reach Their Full Potential?


Should You Consider a Temporary Job? PrideStaff

To retain your best employees, you need to offer ongoing growth and development opportunities to help them achieve and maintain their full potential – and continuously raise that bar as they reach even higher in their careers. If you meet this need, they’ll do so under your roof, versus your competitors.’ Always be poised to… Read more »

Referral Programs 101: What Employers Need to Know Before Implementing


The Ability to Demonstrate Good Management Skills Puts You on the Path to Success, Regardless of Your Role Within the Company - PrideStaff

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to keep your hiring toolkit stocked with the most effective methods possible of finding and hiring top talent. As you consider all the options, don’t overlook one of the most potentially valuable ones that’s already right there, under your own roof: your current employees. Employee referral programs have proven… Read more »

Struggling to Close Out Emails? Use This Closing for the Best Response Rate


As you finish up an email, you may not give much thought to your closing. After all, the hard part is done, right? Message complete. Now you just need an appropriate sign-off. No big deal. But, maybe it is. According to a study by productivity software manufacturer Boomerang, certain email closings deliver significantly higher response… Read more »

Are You Getting Enough Sleep? If Not, You Could Face Negative Impacts on Your Career and Mental Health


Adequate sleep is required to restore and repair body systems. Proper sleep also helps the brain properly function.   Long work hours, increasing stress levels, and regular use of electronic devices may be preventing you from getting enough sleep at night. You need at least 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night to perform your… Read more »

The Shocking But True Secret that Executives and Managers Don’t Want Their Workers to Know


For sports fans, the most exciting time of the year has arrived — March Madness. As the boss, you’re probably already concerned about the level of commitment many of your employees have to the NCAA tournament, considering many of the games are played during the workday. What you might not realize is management is actually… Read more »