5 Ways to Ace Your Next Job Interview


Should You Consider a Temporary Job? PrideStaff

“Believe in yourself. Have faith in your abilities. Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.” These are the words of Norman Vincent Peale, the renowned author of The Power of Positive Thinking. And it epitomizes what a job interview is all about. So as you prepare… Read more »

The Power of Soft Skills: Why Employers Are Looking Beyond Technical Expertise


Having These Skills Will Help You Compete in Today’s Workplace

As employers narrow down the field of eligible candidates for a job, their goal is to find the perfect balance of hard and soft skills. Hard skills encompass the required educational, professional and technical abilities for a role – and yes, they are essential. But what really helps you stand out as a competitor for… Read more »

3 Ways to Finally Start Speaking Up During Meetings and Improve Your Overall Confidence


Do you struggle to speak up during meetings? Maybe you’re an introvert: you often have ideas that feel like they’re worth sharing, but it’s just not in your nature to readily speak out loud to a group. Or, perhaps your team members are at the opposite end of that scale: they’re extroverts who speak so… Read more »

5 Leadership Skills that Make a Good Manager Become a Great Manager


Have you ever compared yourself to a coworker who seems to be shining in all they do, getting plum assignments and promotions, even though you have more seniority, and seem to just naturally step up to the plate and take the lead? “They’re a born leader,” you may rationalize. It may seem that way and,… Read more »

3 Psychology Hacks to Help You Create a Sense of Belonging at Work


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As noted by the Harvard Business Review, the need for social belonging is hardwired into human DNA, and even – or maybe mainly due to – more people working remotely these days, this feeling of truly being part of a group or team is especially critical in the workplace. If employees feel like they belong,… Read more »