Hiring is an ongoing, daunting challenge. Along with finding and landing the best talent for every job, you need to maintain workforce levels as they ebb and flow based on customer demands. Often, it may not leave you much time to focus on other business-critical tasks.

For an increasing number of companies, the solution is partnering with a staffing agency that gets to know their business and its unique needs and culture, and becomes a natural extension of their in-house team.

Here are some benefits of such a partnership:

You gain flexibility in hiring.

A staffing agency partnership helps provides flexibility in your workforce. Temporary staffing, for instance, allows you to bring in workers quickly to handle peak periods or special projects. This saves you the cost of hiring full-time employees.

  • Staffing firms have a pool of talented candidates that they can immediately tap into for your open positions.

You lower your risk and costs.

Despite your best efforts when you hire a new employee, there’s always a risk that they may not turn out to be a good fit for your company. Staffing firms help mitigate this risk, as they pre-screen candidates for you, conduct background and reference checks, and quickly step in to backfill positions. As they do so, they incur all related costs.

  • A staffing agency partner handles much of the recruitment process on your behalf. In addition to the above mentioned steps, this includes posting job listings, reviewing resumes, and scheduling and conducting interviews.

You gain access to the best candidates.

Thanks to their vast network of industry contacts, staffing agencies know where to find candidates with the specific skills and qualifications you’re looking for. They can step in as needed so you can scale up when required by production levels.

You can improve your employee retention rate.

Because staffing agencies work hard to find the right match between candidates and employers, this tends to result in happier employees, who are more likely to stay with a company long term. For instance, in the case of seasonal employees, you’re more likely to want to hire them back in future years. Or, you can opt for a temp-to-hire arrangement where you “try before you buy” in filling a permanent, full-time position.

Pridestaff Northern Kentucky can help you achieve all these advantages as you build your winning team in areas including administration, customer service, IT, legal support, healthcare, and production and distribution. Contact us today to learn more about the full-time, temporary, and temp-to-hire options that work best for you.

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