As you pursue your job search, a temporary job may not be high on your list of preferred outcomes. Or … maybe it is?

Or … maybe it is, as a step toward something more permanent?

The important point to keep in mind is: Don’t automatically rule out temporary work as a career move. Temping can help you gain experience, make valuable contacts, grow your network, sharpen your skills and, last but not least, maintain a steady source of income, whether you’re currently in a transitionary career period or balancing work with other life demands.

Broaden your horizons.

Temporary jobs enable you to try out a variety of career options without making a permanent commitment – making it the perfect choice if you’re not exactly sure what you want to do, or are looking to broaden your core competencies. As you gain more and more experience, things will fall into place – and you’ll naturally figure out the right direction for you and your career. As you do so, you will meet new people, learn new skills, and sharpen the ones you already have.

Open the door to full-time employment.

Employers often view temporary employees as potential full-time hires. For them, it’s a chance to “try before they buy.” In other words, they carefully evaluate temporary workers’ performance and track records – and move the best ones to the top of their hiring lists when permanent positions open up. If you do your temporary job well and it’s something that piques your interest, it may open up bigger doors for you in the future.

Gain experience as you fill resume gaps.

By taking on temporary jobs while seeking full-time employment, you can effectively eliminate gaps on your resume. And even if your temp job isn’t relevant to your desired industry or role, it will show prospective employers that you’re willing and motivated. Plus, you can develop key transferable skills.

Pay the bills.

Being on unemployment or draining your savings may be okay for a while, but eventually, the novelty will wear off and/or the funds will run dry. Temping ensures that you earn a salary and can keep your head above water – and keep your self-confidence intact as you define the next step on your career pathway.

Find flexibility.

Many temporary jobs are part-time, meaning you can achieve better work/life balance as you care for your family, pursue your education, travel, or devote more hours to your permanent career plans. Often, employers who hire temporary workers are looking to fill jobs quickly, so this leads to increased flexibility in schedules and other hiring requirements.

At PrideStaff Northern Kentucky, our services are designed to match skilled professionals with rewarding temporary, temp-to-hire and full-time career opportunities. The right job for you, right now, is closer than you think – and we can help you land it. Contact us today to learn more.

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