Having These Skills Will Help You Compete in Today’s Workplace

Your happiness at work can be impacted by a wide range of factors – everything from the other people you associate with to the tools you use every day and even the look and design of your workspace.

Are you feeling discontent, stress or continued dissatisfaction with your work environment? Frustration crops up for everyone, every once in a while, but if it becomes chronic, then it’s probably time to make some changes.

Get to the Bottom of It

You need to find the root cause of a problem before you can effectively solve it. Reflect, share your thoughts in confidence with a trusted friend or family member, and be honest with yourself as you determine what needs to change. For instance, is it:

  • A difficult coworker, or your boss? If it’s the former, there are various ways to approach the situation, including approaching your colleague in a professional manner to try and work out a resolution. If the problem is your manager, your best recourse may be working with an HR representative to be sure you take right steps.
  • The need to work remotely or transition to a hybrid schedule? It’s not for everybody, nor is it feasible in every position, but being able to work from home – or from virtually anywhere – is often a perfect solution. If there’s a chance it could work and you feel it would be best for you, then it’s worth asking about.
  • Poor workplace communication? Or are you lacking the tools and technology you need to do your job? These are two separate issues, but they are Of course, nearly every issue comes down to communication – but especially if a shortfall of resources is setting you up for failure, unhappiness, or both. This, too, starts with a thoughtful conversation with your manager.
  • Your physical workspace? Yes, this really could be a factor. For instance, while many employees thrive in an open office environment, one recent study shows that open layouts actually result in drops in productivity and overall well-being.

Mind Over Matter

While you address your work-related unhappiness, there are different ways to think and behave that can make the situation much more tolerable, at the very least, and at best, significantly better. A simple way to start is to focus on the present, even when stress and worry creep in. Know that you’re doing all you can to make positive changes, but in the meantime, refocus your attention on what you can do well, now. This will help you regain a sense of confidence, awareness and personal power.

Is It Time to Move On?

If you’ve exhausted all your options and are still struggling to feel happy in your current role, it may be time to consider other options. To help you decide, and to find the perfect opportunity for you, contact PrideStaff Northern Kentucky today. We’ll connect you with one of our experienced career counselors and link you into our vast employer/job seeker network. The right job is closer than you think!

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