Getting a single solid job offer is an awesome accomplishment – and finding yourself with two or more is even better. Until you face the conundrum of which one to accept. It’s still a good problem to have, but you need to make a timely, professional decision or risk your reputation and the relationships you’ve built with your prospective employers.

Transparency and Timeliness Matter


As you consider your options, take a reasonable amount of time, but don’t drag your feet or leave the employers or your recruiter hanging for too long. And, be upfront and honest about the fact that you are looking at more than one offer.

If you ignore emails, texts or calls, you may be seen as unprofessional. It could even cause an employer to renege their offer, especially if there are other candidates involved. A good rule of thumb is: If you get an offer early in the week, try to respond before the weekend. If the offer comes in on Thursday or Friday, plan to respond on the following Monday.

If you decide you’re no longer interested in an offer, likewise notify everyone as quickly as possible.

Factors to Consider


When all is said and done, you need to take the job that’s right for you. That being said, what specifics do you need to consider?

You already researched the company and position earlier in your search process. But now is a good time to give more careful, detailed thought to such factors as:

Culture and team dynamics: Choose the company you could see yourself staying with for the long term. The right culture will give you a true sense of fulfillment. This encompasses overall organizational culture as well as how you would fit in with your manager and coworkers.

Growth opportunities: Your professional goals should be paramount as you make your decision: which company is best suited to provide the support, training, and options for future growth that you’re seeking?

Work/life balance: Whatever it looks like for you, work/life balance is also a must. Identify any non-negotiable factors, such as remote work or flex scheduling, up front.

Be sure to evaluate each offer using the same criteria. Create a scorecard of the attributes that are most important to you, then weigh them using a “must have” versus a “nice to have” scale. As you work through this strep, it should come down to choosing the opportunity that best aligns with your personal core values, life priorities and long-term happiness.

Turn to a Career Coach


A professional career coach can be invaluable throughout your job search, from networking and polishing up your resume to completing your successful career transition. When you’re deciding between multiple offers, your coach can really step up to the plate to help ensure that all goes well. For coaching and other guidance in keeping your career on your desired growth path, contact PrideStaff Kentucky today.

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