Hiring the right person is never easy – and there’s a lot at stake every time you source, recruit and bring a new person on board at your company. Research has shown that:

  • More than half of bad hires brought negative attitudes to their workplace.
  • More than a third of businesses have reported decreased productivity due to bad hires.
  • Companies have lost an average of $14,900 on every bad hire.

To avoid becoming part of discouraging statistics like these, be sure to ensure a positive experience for every candidate you seek out. Avoid recruiting pitfalls like these:

An Inefficient Hiring Process

With every job you seek to fill, set a realistic timeline so your hiring process moves efficiently. This means neither rushing and possibly cutting corners to get it done “yesterday” nor dragging it out so long that you lose desired candidates to your competition.

  • Chances are high that top talent may be considering more than one offer. So if your time to hire is too long, the best candidates will likely opt to work elsewhere rather than wait around indefinitely.
  • On the flip side, hiring too quickly without doing your due diligence can be problematic. Never skip necessary steps including reference and background checks.

Overlooking Internal Talent

There are a number of good reasons to include existing employees on your list of potential candidates for an open role. If you fail to do so, some current staff members may begin to feel they don’t have potential to grow within your organization, and start looking elsewhere. Plus, it takes less time and money to source internal talent, and it allows for faster onboarding.

  • Post openings internally and then actively identify and reach out to any in-house candidates. An added bonus: internal recruiting boosts retention. As noted in LinkedIn’s Global Trends 2020 report, employees stay 41 percent longer at companies that regularly hire from within.

Holding Out for the “Perfect” Candidate

What could be wrong, you may ask, with holding out on filling a job until you find the perfect person for it?

Reality check: As awesome as it sounds, that absolutely, 100 percent, fantastic-at-everything-and-checks-every-single-box-on-our-wish-list candidate may not exist, except in your dreams. Plus, there are often gains to be made from hiring outside your perfection box. For instance:

  • Be open to skills-based hiring. Education and experience may not actually matter as much as a candidate’s most important asset: the right skills to do the job. So as perfect as someone looks on paper, be sure to ask the right behavioral-based questions to gain insight into their soft skills, as well as assess for hard skills.

Be sure to work smarter, not harder, to improve every candidate experience and keep your winning talent acquisition strategy on track. One of your best solutions may be working with a trusted staffing partner who can help you define your needs, implement your process, and deliver on desired results. Contact PrideStaff Northern Kentucky today to learn more.

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