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As a business owner or hiring manager, it’s up to you to stay current on the latest developments, challenges and trends in hiring. As you move forward through 2023, be prepared to continue navigating a competitive talent marketplace, deal with evolving technical issues and post-pandemic return to work policies, and face a looming economic downturn. All in a day’s work, right?

It will be easier to prepare for it all and pivot as needed if you say abreast of those recruitment trends. Here’s a snapshot look at six of them:


Quiet Hiring in Response to Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting dominated HR discussions in the second half of 2022. Address it through quiet hiring: finding new ways to acquire needed skills and capabilities without adding to your headcount. Focus on initiatives like upskilling opportunities for your current employees and an increased focus on promoting from within.

Expansion of Hybrid Work into New Areas

Hybrid work has already taken hold for an increased number of desk-based workers. Now, it’s time to create the same flexibility for frontline workers, in fields like manufacturing and healthcare – because they, too, are demanding it. At the very least, they need more control over their work schedules and related benefits; namely, paid time off. The same holds true for remote hiring.

Support of Employees’ Well-Being

Concern for their physical and mental wellness continues to be top of mind for employees in virtually every field and industry. Leading organizations this year will be those who proactively help their people build and maintain their emotional resilience. Think PTO before high-demand work periods, meeting-free or short Friday schedules, and/or trauma counselors to train and coach managers, as well as nip festering issues in the bud.

DEI Initiatives

Maintain your momentum when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion at your workplace. Equip your manager with the right tools and strategies, create group-specific safe spaces, and tailor your communications and business incentives in this direction.

AI in Recruitment

Artificial intelligence tools can help you filter candidates, thus identifying the best talent quickly and efficiently. You can utilize AI throughout your recruitment process, from candidate screening and job description development through onboarding, workload management, and continuous improvement of your employer brand.


Social Media in Recruitment

Take your social media recruitment efforts beyond LinkedIn – though it continues to be the leading platform for networking and talent management – to reach candidates wherever they “live” online. Explore each new platform as it comes along and at the same time, keep revisiting those that are already working in your favor.


There are constantly evolving hiring challenges and opportunities ahead. In PrideStaff Northern Kentucky, you have a trusted partner who can help you own them all – and stay on the leading edge of talent sourcing, recruitment and retention. Let’s get to know one another and build that partnership, starting today.

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