The most important aspect of a job interview is making a good first impression. Of course, your responses to questions are critical as well, but it’s that very first snapshot of you that will be solidified in the eyes and minds of your interviewers. So, be sure that image is one of competence, confidence, poise and professionalism. If taking notes during your interview will interfere, think twice before doing so.

In other words, it’s not verboten – but you should spend 90 percent of your interview time maintaining eye contact and having a productive, ongoing dialogue with your interviewer – or interviewers, if it’s a panel.

  • In a panel interview situation, you may be receiving far more information than if you were meeting with a single person, so taking notes may be more practical and acceptable. If you can, find out ahead of time. Get a good read on what you’ll be facing.
  • Remember, it’s important to absorb as much information as possible, not to record it. And, be ready to respond to questions in a timely, smooth manner and keep the conversation flowing. You can always jot down notes on paper or your phone as soon as you get home.
  • If you feel you absolutely need to take notes, always ask your interviewer(s) if it’s okay, as you begin the meeting.

The One Item Rule

You will look more prepared and capable if you enter your interview carrying only one briefcase, portfolio or other item. And, be prepared not to have to rummage through that carrying case to find your resume, business card, or whatever else you may need – including your phone or a notepad. Not having to stress over this is another reason why skipping note taking all together may make for a better interview experience.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

It all comes back to acing your interview so you can move on to the next step in an employer’s hiring process. And that means giving genuine answers, maintaining comfortable, relaxed eye contact, and building a bond with your interview team.

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