Your job postings are often candidates’ first touch point with your company – and you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Competition is hotter than ever in today’s candidate-driven labor market, so be sure your postings are crisp, clear, attractive, and compelling, so they convert job seekers into applicants. Be strategic and creative as you craft them, with your target audience in mind. Here are three tips:

1. Make sure every job description has visual appeal.

Job postings don’t need to be fancy or complex. Quite the opposite. Focus on simplicity, relevance, and appeal to a candidate’s wants and needs. In one survey, more than half of respondents said they would be more attracted to companies whose job postings had visual elements, such as videos or images.

  • Videos are especially effective. People spend more time on pages with videos even if they don’t click play. And if they do click, even better! Videos not only paint a clearer picture of your open position but also help you stand out among the competition and provide a peek into your organizational culture.
  • Bright colors complementing your brand can also help make your job postings stand out.

2. Design job postings with the candidate’s experience in mind.

Gaining and keeping that competitive edge is about providing a positive, memorable, personalized candidate experience, starting with your job ads. Job seekers with negative experiences are far more likely to not only turn away from your organization themselves but also discourage others from applying.

  • Make sure the languages in your postings targets your audience.
  • Make postings more descriptive by including information that speaks to what an ideal candidate would look like, rather than focusing solely on educational background and prior work experience. This includes listing relevant soft skills to appeal to personality types that would equate to a good fit.
  • Don’t scare people away. Keep things up and up by using positive terminology like “fast-paced” versus “high-pressure” when describing roles.

3. Showcase diversity and inclusion.

Now more than ever, a diverse workforce is a deal breaker when candidates evaluate job offers. In a recent Glassdoor survey, more than three-quarters of candidates and employees reinforced this. Think about ways to showcase your diverse, inclusive culture in your job ads and throughout all your candidate-facing resources.

  • It’s not only the right thing to do but having an ethnically and gender diverse workforce can also enhance company profitability, as recent research has also proven.



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