Ghosting a job interview or professional conversation is never a good idea. You don’t want to leave someone hanging. It comes off as unprofessional. However, you don’t have to take the initial interview or conversation if you don’t want to. While you shouldn’t go turning down every interview, there are some you should pass up. Here are some instances where you might want to turn down an interview rather than move forward in the hiring process.

The Scope of Work Isn’t Right

If you have taken a look at the job description and are not comfortable with the scope of work, don’t take the interview. Maybe you aren’t entirely comfortable with the job title or level of experience needed. You might see that some of the job’s key tasks aren’t duties you have performed in the past. It isn’t a good practice to interview for any job that you aren’t confident you have the skills for.

There is Too Much of a Commute

Sometimes the commute simply isn’t worth it. In today’s world, most jobs can be performed remotely. If that isn’t the case though, a long commute can be a deal-breaker. Taking a look at the job description and location, decide whether or not the position would be worth the commute or the move. You may decide it isn’t going to be worth all that time in the car, and that is okay.

The Employer Isn’t Offering the Right Salary/Benefits

Salary and benefits are one of the top priorities for many candidates. After all, these are generally things we need to live and survive like regular hourly wages and healthcare. You may know exactly what salary you are looking for and have a list of must-have benefits like paid time off, hybrid work models, and health coverage.


Turning down an interview because the employer isn’t offering what you are looking for in terms of compensation is acceptable. You don’t want to waste your time or the time of the recruiter by interviewing for a job expecting a salary they can’t provide.

It Isn’t a Good Cultural Fit

You want a job that you are going to thrive in. That means the position will utilize your skills and experience, but your values will also match that of the company. If work-life balance and flexibility are important to you, they should also be important to your employer. Similarly, if serving the environment and community are important causes to you, finding an employer that shares those interests can help you feel more engaged at work.


Not having this connection with your employer or within your job can hinder your productivity. In the long run, it can hurt your professional reputation because you won’t be doing the best job possible. So, turning down an interview because the company doesn’t seem like it will be a good fit isn’t a bad idea either.


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