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For your company to succeed, you need every person on your team to give their best. Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening right now. Many of your employees are disengaged — and their work shows it. Having employee buy-in can change that, because it gets people more involved in the company when they feel valued, increased motivation, and develop deeper trust. Contrary to what you might think, buy-in doesn’t necessarily mean employees agree with every decision you make. It simply means they understand the choice was made to help your company succeed, and that they need to be on board and provide support in any way they can.

While you don’t have to explain why you make certain decisions, doing so can help people understand where you’re coming from and feel more involved in the process. Here’s what you have to gain by doing your best to get employee buy-in on decisions that affect everyone.

Three Benefits of Employee Buy-In


People Feel Valued

Many employers leave their team in the dark on a lot of important decisions. This doesn’t feel great, because you’re supposed to be a team. As the boss, you’re ultimately the one in charge, but that doesn’t mean you should keep your staff out of the loop.

Taking the time to explain the rationale behind your decision makes them feel appreciated. Doing so is a sign of respect and makes them feel included in the process.

Motivation Increases

It can be hard for people to get excited about workplace decisions they don’t understand. Taking the time to get employee buy-in is important, because it spurs enthusiasm for the initiative at hand.

Talking to your team about your decision makes them feel involved. This will inspire them to work their hardest, because they’ll want your vision to be a success. They’ll understand that a win for the company is a win for them as well, and everyone wants to be part of something great.

Trust Becomes Deeper

It’s hard for people to have confidence in a boss who keeps them in the dark. Seeking employee buy-in builds trust, because people know you don’t have to share your thought process with them — but you chose to anyway.

Open and honest communication with management is important to employees. When they can count on you to tell them the truth — even when it’s not something they want to hear — they’ll be more likely to stay engaged and work their hardest.


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