Have You Thought About Strengthening Your Critical Thinking Skills?

As a manager, you’re always searching for ways to better serve your team. You might not realize it, but improving your critical thinking abilities offers a host of benefits that will boost your leadership skills.

This is because an ability to think critically helps you motivate and inspire those around you, improves your problem-solving skills, allows you to see things from a more objective viewpoint and communicate more effectively — just to name a few benefits. Your current critical thinking skills are decent, but this advice will help you take them to the next level.

3 Tips to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

1. Study Your Competitors

You can learn a lot from rival companies. Taking the time to analyze your top competitors’ business strategies will help you learn key information, such as who their target market is and efforts they’ve made to reach them that have both served as wins and losses.

You can then take this information back and apply it at your company to get ahead. Gaining insights on their innerworkings is a savvy way to avoid making the same mistakes your competitors did, while also securing ideas to better serve your customer base.

2. Tackle a Long-Standing Problem

Every company has at least a few frustrating issues that have been plaguing it for awhile. These problems aren’t debilitating, so they’ve been categorized as low priority, but that doesn’t mean they’re not frustrating. Choose one issue and dedicate your free time to tackling it. This will help boost your critical thinking skills, because doing hard things pushes you out of your comfort zone.

3. Chart Your Progress

Sharpening your critical thinking skills is a process. You can’t expect to become an expert overnight, but you can track your growth. Doing so will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you know exactly what to work on.

Keeping detailed notes on your thought process and decision-making, along with the results, will help you monitor how far you’ve come. This is important, because you’ll be able to look back on what worked and what didn’t, as well as having something to reference that showcases your hard work, which should make you proud.

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