Your performance review is around the corner, and like most people, you’re feeling a bit anxious about it. Hopefully, you’re confident in the work you’ve completed this past year, which means you likely have nothing to worry about. 

Since this assessment offers many benefits, it’s important to take it seriously. Here’s some advice to help you learn and grow from it. 

3 Tips to Get the Most From a Performance Review

Know What to Expect

Every company does performance reviews differently. If this is your first review with your current employer, talk to your colleagues about the process. They should offer helpful insights that will prepare you for this important meeting with your boss. 

If you’re new to the workforce, it can also be beneficial to learn more about performance reviews in general. This will help you better understand their value — instead of viewing them as a dreaded annual chore — which can allow you to see them in a positive light. 

Review Yourself

Some employers require workers to complete a self-assessment along with their performance review. If yours doesn’t, consider doing it anyway.  

Write down all of your achievements from the past year, including how they benefitted the company. This will be valuable in your conversation with your manager, as it will help you sell yourself. 

Have a Plan If Things Don’t Go Well

Hopefully, you’ll get a glowing performance review from your boss. However, it’s always good to have a contingency plan in place if you’re thrown for a loop by their comments. 

Negative feedback never feels great, but it’s important to bite your tongue and avoid saying something you’ll regret. Instead, it’s best to listen to what they have to say and take time to think about it.  

Wait a few days, then schedule a follow-up meeting with your manager. Use this time to politely explain why you think their review was unfair — bring your self-assessment — or agree that you could be doing better and ask for advice to improve. 

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