As the boss, you want to do everything you can to help employees grow. These people look to you for guidance, and you’re in an amazing position to set them up for success. 

You’ve accomplished a lot in your career to get to the place you’re at, so now it’s time to pass this knowledge along to your team. Here’s some advice to get you started. 

3 Tips to Promote Employee Growth

Schedule Recurring One-on-One Meetings

No doubt, you’re a hands-on manager who spends a lot of time with your team. However, there’s a difference between working on projects with employees and helping to steer their careers. Putting standing one-on-one meetings on the calendar — try for bi-weekly or monthly — is a great way to stay connected with each person. Use this time to provide feedback and find out what you can be doing to support them better. 

Set Goals Together

You spend a lot of time observing your employees, which allows you to gain a strong sense of their strengths and weaknesses. Use this information to help them set goals for the future. Of course, you’ll first need to find out where they hope to be in three, five, and ten years so you can ensure these objectives are relevant. 

After talking with the person, work together to create goals that make sense for their future. Being part of the planning process will help them stay motivated because they’ll work toward something they truly want. 

Give Developmental Feedback

It’s often viewed negatively, but developmental feedback should be portrayed as a positive learning experience. This is an opportunity to highlight issues the employee has and offer positive goals to help them improve.  

For example, if they keep making mistakes on a certain task, you might ask if they’ve been distracted lately or if they could use a little more training. This feedback will help them grow without making them feel belittled or discouraged. 

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