You’ve just landed a new job, and you couldn’t be more excited — and anxious. Perhaps you were with your previous employer for several years, or the position you’ll be starting is a bit out of your comfort zone. No matter what the cause, you need help calming your nerves.

It’s important to remember, you were hired for a reason. It’s almost inevitable that you were selected over many other candidates, so hold your head up high and be proud of yourself. Use this advice to maintain your cool on your first day at work and beyond.

4 Tips to Stay Calm When Starting a New Job

Be Friendly

A new job means new colleagues to get to know. It’s important to present yourself as approachable, so make small talk with your new peers, smile at people in the hallway, and be gracious to everyone you meet. When you’re nice to people, they typically return the sentiment, so this will help you feel comfortable more quickly.

Ask Questions

Many new hires are afraid to ask questions, but doing so is a must. No one expects you to know everything right away, so speak up. Doing so will help you get acclimated much faster than trying to figure things out on your own. This will help you feel much more at ease because you won’t have to wonder if you’re doing your job right.

Arrive Early

It’s beyond embarrassing to be late to a new job, so allow yourself extra time to get to work for a while. This will help you start each day on a calm note because you won’t be stressed about unexpected traffic or a lack of parking causing you to be late. Plus, arriving early will show your new boss you’re excited to be part of the team, which is always a benefit.

Socialize With Your New Colleagues

Getting a new team member is a big deal, so your new co-workers will want to bond with you. If they ask you to go to lunch or happy hour, accept the invitation. Getting to know your colleagues outside the office will help you feel more relaxed around them. This will make work more enjoyable, because you’ll no longer be surrounded by strangers.

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