Your company is made up of employees from various backgrounds — i.e., different races, genders, principles, beliefs, etc. This is fantastic because each individual brings their own unique viewpoints, skills, and ideas to the company.

It’s important to make sure your culture is diverse and inclusive so each person feels accepted. This is the right thing to do because no one should feel unwelcome or like they can’t be their true selves at work. Promoting diversity benefits your company in many ways, including attracting a larger candidate pool and encouraging innovation, which can increase your bottom line.

5 Types of Workplace Diversity

Race and Ethnicity

No doubt, your team is composed of people from a variety of races and ethnicities. This is fantastic, and it should be acknowledged. Establishing a culture where employees feel comfortable discussing — and celebrating — their differences is a must because this creates the welcoming environment everyone deserves.


Men have historically been paid higher wages and held more positions of power than women. However, more women are in the workplace now than ever, so this needs to change. It’s important to make sure women at your company are treated equally to men in every way. This includes — but isn’t limited to — ensuring women receive equal advancement opportunities, equal pay, and an equal number of spots on the management team.


There’s a good chance at least a few people on your team have some type of disability. This could be physical —  i.e., vision or hearing impaired — or mental  — i.e., autism or a mental health condition — in nature. It’s important to make sure each person feels supported so they’re comfortable at work and able to perform to the best of their ability.


Both older and younger employees can feel discriminated against at work, so efforts need to be made to ensure everyone is treated equally. For example, you might not think a 65-year-old employee would be interested in learning a new type of software, but assuming — instead of asking — is age discrimination.


The LGBTQ community deserves to be supported by their employer. Creating a workplace where there’s zero tolerance for behaviors like homophobia and transphobia is crucial. It’s also important to take measures like using gender-neutral signage and ensuring your benefits package is relevant for everyone, so LGBTQ workers feel included.

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