Being the boss is a very big job. Not only are you responsible for your team’s performance — but you also play a large role in each person’s individual success.

You have the power to engage, inspire and nurture your employees to help them both discover and achieve their career goals. Here’s a look at what you can do to push them toward the next level.

Positive Work Environment

As the boss, you set the tone for your team’s work environment. If you often treat people in a rude and condescending manner, this creates a negative vibe no one wants to be part of. Therefore, it’s important to be kind to your employees and require them to treat each other the same way. A positive work environment is a breeding ground for success because happy people want to shine at their jobs.


In today’s tech-savvy world, there’s always a new technology to learn. If you don’t provide your employees with regular training, their skillsets will become obsolete. This is both a disadvantage to your company and their careers because using outdated software or obsolete practices that take much longer to complete doesn’t help anyone succeed.

Help employees learn by making regular training a part of your culture. No matter your budget, you can always find ways to promote growth — i.e., bringing trainers into your office, sending employees to conferences, hosting lunch, and learning.


Your employees look to you for guidance and approval, so be the cheerleader they need. Encourage them to set ambitious goals, give them pep talks when they’re feeling discouraged and help them get inspired for projects that might not be as exciting as others. A boss that takes the time to understand what motivates their employees and uses this to help them achieve their personal best is a treasure they’re lucky to have.

Room to Grow

Giving employees the tools to succeed is great, but this won’t ultimately be too helpful if there’s no upward mobility. It’s important to work with each person to carve out a path for growth at your company. If the right jobs don’t currently exist, advocate for them to be created so you don’t lose your talented workers to a competitor.

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