As the boss, it’s your job to champion your employees. You have the power to help each person learn and grow, so don’t pass up this opportunity. 

Everyone wins when employees can step their performance up — including your company. Knowing their manager cares enough to invest in them makes people feel valued, which inspires them to work even harder and stay put longer. Use this advice to make your team stronger than ever. 

Find Out Each Person’s Career Goals

You can’t help employees grow unless you know where they’re headed. Meet with each person to learn more about their career ambitions. This will allow you to assign projects and training opportunities that align with their goals for the future. People work harder when they’re doing something they truly enjoy that helps them earn the right kind of experience. 

Provide Frequent Feedback

Ambitious employees value feedback because they want to know how they’re doing. These people know you can offer valuable critiques that will help them improve, so they’re grateful to receive them.  

Since feedback can feel very personal, it’s best to deliver it in a one-on-one setting — especially when it’s negative. This will allow you to avoid embarrassing the person, which will give your comments a greater impact because they’ll feel more genuine. 

Set SMART Goals

You likely have your employees set goals on an annual basis — at a minimum. This is great, but those that are notably vague can be hard to stick to.  

Avoid this by making all objectives SMART — specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound. Setting goals in this manner will increase performance because it holds people accountable. It’s tough to procrastinate when goals are so specific, so this is a great way to motivate employees. 

Offer Regular Learning Opportunities

People can’t boost their performance unless they’re given the correct tools. So help your team grow by providing them with training opportunities that will increase their skillset.  

Depending on your budget, this can include things like sending them to conferences, offering free online courses, providing tuition reimbursement, or scheduling lunch and learns. They’ll bring their newfound knowledge back to their jobs, which will benefit the entire team. 

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