Starting your first “real job” is a very exciting — yet nerve-wracking — time. Adjusting to life in the professional world takes a while, but you’ve got this.  

You know you won’t be in this job forever, but you’re eager to get the most from it during your tenure in the position. Here’s some advice to help you make this job a fantastic starting point for a very bright career. 

Be Realistic About the Job

Most entry-level roles aren’t the most glamorous, so don’t go into the position trying to convince yourself it’s something that it’s not. Many of your job responsibilities might involve menial tasks, but you have to start somewhere. Right now, you’re building a foundation that can lead you to a corner office one day, so make the most of this opportunity. 

Aim to Please

As noted above, entry-level jobs often come with a variety of tedious responsibilities. It can feel frustrating to have to complete tasks below your skill level and those that seem to have nothing to do with your future career goals. However, now is the time to roll your sleeves up and pay your dues. Put a smile on your face and give all your effort to every assignment so that you can build a reputation as a hard worker. 

Make New Connections

More than just the people you work alongside, your colleagues can become valued members of your network for years to come. Getting to know them will make work more enjoyable while simultaneously helping you build a strong set of contacts. In time, most of you will likely move on from your current roles, but if you form solid relationships now, you might be able to help each other find dream jobs in the future. 

Learn as Much as Possible

If you keep an open mind, an entry-level job can be the best learning experience of your career. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn new skills, as this will help boost your resume. It will also allow you to learn more about tasks you like and dislike, which can help guide the next chapter of your career. 

Update Your Resume Regularly

Right now, the only experience on your resume is from part-time jobs and extracurricular activities you participated in during high school or college. This helped you land your entry-level job, but now you need to replace that experience with new achievements from the professional world. Keep track of these accomplishments by updating your resume as you earn them. 

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