Your best employees work their hardest each day. They push themselves to exceed their goals, come up with outstanding ideas, and inspire everyone around them.

Without these professionals, your team wouldn’t be the success that it is today, so you want to make sure they feel valued. Here’s a few easy ways to show appreciation for all they do.

5 Ways to Recognize Top Employees

Publicly Recognize Achievements

It always feels great to get a “thank you” from the boss, so take it up another notch by acknowledging top-performing employees in front of the team. Send a mass email or take a minute in your next staff meeting to highlight any exceptional achievements realized by your team members.

Encourage Employees to Support One Another

You’re the boss, but that doesn’t mean you should be the only one cheering employees along. It’s also important for staffers to celebrate each other’s successes. Start a peer-to-peer recognition program where employees can give colleagues who go the extra mile a gift card on the company’s dime. If you don’t have the budget, buy a stack of thank you cards and have them available for people to write a note to peers who have seriously impressed them.

Give Enticing Rewards

Show top-performers how grateful you are to have them on the team by giving them non-monetary incentives to keep up the amazing work. This might involve buying them lunch, giving them an extra day off, or surprising them with tickets to an outdoor movie — at least in the pandemic era.

Create an Employee of the Month Program

Make special recognition a regular thing by formalizing it into an employee of the month program. Put each honored employee’s name on a plaque, give them a special parking spot and reward them with a gift card. This will inspire everyone to do their best work because receiving an employee of the month designation is a coveted honor everyone will want.

Promote Them

Your top-performing employees give the team a competitive edge. These ambitious professionals are focused on moving up the ladder, so if you don’t give them opportunities to advance, they’ll head elsewhere. Show them how much they’re valued by taking the time to learn about their future goals and making sure there’s always room for them to grow in the right direction on your team.

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