Acknowledging your shortcomings is the first step toward finding a position that’s better suited for you. Take these steps to help figure out what type of role you’ll thrive in.

Focus on Your Skillset

There’s a good chance you have many skills you haven’t explored. Figure out what these are by searching for patterns in your successes.

For example, you might’ve used your outstanding customer service skills to smooth things over with several previously unhappy clients. Or perhaps you often help your colleagues stay calm and focused when working under pressure.

When you’re able to identify these skills, you’ll be able to piece them together into a job that’s truly made for you.

Think About Praise You Often Receive

No doubt, you receive plenty of compliments on your work. You’re always flattered, but you might not overthink about them.

The thing is, other people often can see skills you don’t recognize. Therefore, if you’re regularly receiving the same type of praise — i.e., “Your attention to detail is impeccable” or “Clients like you” these are skills you clearly possess.

Add them to your list of strengths because if other people notice your ability to shine in these situations, you must be really good.

Be Open to Career Paths You Haven’t Considered

When you’ve spent several years working in a certain field, it can be hard to envision yourself shifting to another realm. However, your strengths might not suit your current position.

In fact, you might’ve never considered the career path that’s best suited to you. Instead of automatically rejecting job leads in new areas, be open to exploring them. You could find a field you hadn’t previously thought you’d work in is your greatest opportunity to shine.

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