You just interviewed for a job you’re interested in. It felt like things went well, but it can be hard to read a hiring manager you just met.

Ideally, you would end the interview by either getting a job offer or not, but things don’t typically work that way. Instead, you usually leave the meeting wondering if they liked you and thought you were a good fit.

While the only sure way to know if an interview was a success is whether or not you get the job, there are several key indicators that you made a great impression. Here’s a look at a few telling clues good news could be on the horizon.

3 Signs Your Job Interview Went Well

It Last Longer Than Expected

If your interview was supposed to last half an hour, but this timeframe came and went, take this as a very good sign. Hiring managers are busy people, so they don’t want to spend extra time with a candidate they know isn’t right for the job. Extending the interview means they’re truly interested and want to learn as much about you as possible to make an informed decision.

The Interviewer Displayed Positive Body Language

Hiring managers might not give a lot of verbal clues about your interview success, but if you look closely, their body language does plenty of talking. People who are engaged in a conversation lean toward the other person, smile a lot, and maintain eye contact. Conversely, those who are checked out tend to be more solemn, fidget and look at their watch.

Conversation Felt Easy

When you think about it, a job interview is a formal conversation. You’re essentially just sitting in a room talking with another person, which will sometimes feel comfortable, and sometimes not. Even when a hiring manager asks most questions from a list, you’ll feel a positive vibe if the two of you click.

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