As the boss, you have a huge impact on your employees’ lives, so how you treat them resonates. Displaying empathy is important because it’s the right thing to do, and people respond to kind and compassionate managers.

Empathetic leaders can truly feel for employees, putting themselves in their shoes to understand their unique situations, feelings, and ideas. This makes people feel valued and respected, which in turn makes you more effective as a manager. Here’s some advice to help you better relate to your team.

3 Ways to Be an Empathetic Leader

Support Employees’ Growth

Each person on your team has professional goals they hope to achieve. You’re in a unique position to help them learn and grow in the right direction, so do everything you can to support them. Assign work that helps them gain the skills and experience needed to take the next step in their career. Check-in regularly and provide feedback to know what they’re doing well and where there’s room for improvement.

Keep an Eye on Individual Workloads

Your employees are people — not robots. Consequently, it’s important to keep a close watch on their workloads to ensure they don’t have too much on their plates. Burnout is a real issue that can impact a person’s home life and even cause them to quit their jobs. Being cognizant of the number of hours people are putting in will allow you to make sure no one is overworked.

Help People Through Tough Times

If an employee is experiencing personal problems, it can be hard for them to give their all to their job. Empathetic managers understand that sometimes people need to be cut extra slack. This could mean allowing them additional time off to deal with issues at home or being there to listen when they need someone to confide in. People don’t forget who stood by them when they needed extra support.

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