Chances are the COVID-19 pandemic has had some impact on your career. Whether your company implemented pay cuts, temporarily froze promotions, or disabled educational assistance programs for the time being, you feel like you’re stuck in a bit of a rut.

Hopefully, things will improve in the coming months as the supply of available vaccines continues to increase. Regardless, it’s time to stop putting your career on hold because of the pandemic. Here’s some advice to help you start moving forward because you’re far too talented to remain stagnant.

3 Ways to Keep Growing Your Career During the Pandemic

Figure Out Where You’re Headed

If you’re unsure of your next move, you can’t create professional development goals. Think about what you want from next in your career. This could be anything from a management position to a shift to an entirely different industry. There’s no wrong direction, as long as it’s truly what you want. When you figure this out, you can create goals to help you get there.

Actively Contribute New Ideas

Become an even more valuable asset to the team by speaking up and offering innovative suggestions. The pandemic has been a time of constant change for companies, likely including yours. Consequently, there’s never been a better time to highlight your ability to develop creative solutions to problems and quickly adapt to new situations.

This can also be a golden opportunity to suggest projects that align with your professional development goals. You’ll be hailed for your inventive ideas while also gaining the ability to enhance your skillset.

Schedule a Meeting With Your Manager

Your boss may have no idea you’re feeling a bit restless in your job. Let them know you’d like to put a meeting on the calendar to discuss your career growth. This will allow them to prepare in advance, so they’re ready to talk about your future.

This is the time to bring up any concerns you have — i.e., your fear there’s no upward mobility for you at the company. Be specific with any help you’d like from them, such as allowing you to take on more responsibility or offering feedback on a more frequent basis. Having this discussion will allow the two of you to get on the same page to better support your career progression.

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