As an ambitious person, you’re always eager to learn. You’re not interested in going back to school — at least, not right now — but you would like to gain a few new skills.

Whether you’re employed but looking for something new or currently out of work and ready to make yourself more marketable, there’s no shortage of online classes to help you improve. Here are a few great learning sites to get you started.

5 Sites to Find Resume-Boosting Online Courses


Enjoy a wide variety of courses — i.e., technology, business, marketing, and more — for free on Alison. Used by 17 million people, there’s truly something for everyone. From a course on coronavirus — available in more than 50 languages — to an introduction to QuickBooks, you’ll never run out of opportunities to learn and grow.


Gain access to more than 2,500 online courses from 140 educational institutions — including Harvard University, Boston University, and UC Berkeley — on edX. Courses run the gamut from computer science to humanities, and the best part is, they’re free of charge. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from some of the best universities in the world without racking up student debt.


Another great learning platform, Coursera collaborates with more than 200 top universities and companies — i.e., Penn, Stanford, Google, and IBM, to name a few — to deliver world-class learning material. More than 3,900 courses and specializations are available, ensuring you’ll always have something new and exciting to learn.


Short on time to learn? No problem with Skillshare. This platform offers courses split into brief snippets — i.e., a course module that runs roughly five or 10 minutes — so you can always fit learning into your day. A wide variety of courses are available, spanning from graphic design to business analytics.


Choose from 130,000 online video courses on Udemy, starting at just $12.99 each. Expert instructors can teach you everything from Python to Excel on a schedule that fits your life. The ability to learn at your own pace allows you to truly do it all, so stop procrastinating and start learning.

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