Building a talented team is hard work, so you’re likely feeling frustrated if you keep losing your best employees. You know something needs to change, but you’re not quite sure what that is.

If any of the employees who have left are women and/or minorities, there’s a good chance a lack of diversity and inclusion is the main issue. Here’s how to turn things around and make your company a place where everyone feels welcome and supported.

3 Tips to Build a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

Train Management to Set the Tone

Your management team shapes your company, so making sure they’re promoting diversity is essential. Many might think they’re taking the right actions, but they’re doing the exact opposite in reality. Some managers can navigate diversity on their own, but others need extra education. Providing your team with formal training will ensure everyone is in the know and on the same page to help make your culture inclusive.

Groom a Diverse Group to Move Up the Ladder

No doubt, your managers have identified top performers on track to move up the ladder. They might not be ready yet, but they’re being primed to fill high-level positions in the future. This talent pool must be diverse because these employees will play a highly visible role at your company someday. Now is the time to make sure a diverse group of people has been selected, and if not, take action to change that.

Take a Close Look at Your Management Team

The people occupying your C-suite speak volumes about the diversity — or lack thereof — at your company. Suppose there’s little-to-no diversity on your executive team. In that case, this is almost definitely discouraging top talent. Women and minorities may feel unwelcome and discouraged about their future with the company because there’s no reflection of themselves on the executive team.

While this might not be intentional, now that you’re aware of the issue, it’s important to make changes. Diversify your key leadership, so it’s clear everyone has room to grow at your company.

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