After leading a meticulous hiring process, you’ve finally found the perfect fit. Your new hire’s first day is right around the corner, and you’re committed to making it a great one. 

Many companies consider day one to be largely a formality. New hires often attend orientation, complete paperwork, and watch several training videos, which is easy to plan but doesn’t leave the best impression.  

Use these tips to make your new employees’ first day exciting, so they don’t second-guess their decision to join your team. 

4 Ways to Give Your New Hire Excellent First Day

Inform the Team in Advance

From a new hire’s perspective, it doesn’t feel great to arrive for your first day of work and have no one know who you are — or that you were even coming in the first place. Avoid this by sending an introductory email to your team that provides background information on the new person and their start date.  

If you plan on having the new hire shadow any existing employees, let them know in advance. This will give them time to prepare talking points and relevant training activities. 

Take Them on an Introductory Tour

Finding your way around an unfamiliar office can be tough, especially when you don’t know anyone. Help your new employee get acquainted by taking them on a tour around the building to show them important spots — i.e., the kitchen and restroom — and make introductions. They probably won’t remember where everything is and who everyone is, but this will give them a great starting point to work from. 

Plan a Group Outing 

Show your new hire how excited the team is to have them onboard by organizing a group lunch or happy hour. This will allow them to get to know their new co-workers in a relaxed setting, so they feel more comfortable. Try to get all core team members to attend to show their support. 

Create Meaningful Training Assignments

There’s a time and place for training videos, and it’s not typically on an employee’s first day. As noted above, many managers give new hires a list of videos to watch and go on with their day, but this is a recipe for disaster.  

Watching video after video is boring and won’t teach your new hire much. Spending most of their day alone, not doing anything, will also probably cause your new employee to feel like an afterthought. 

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