For many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has been the challenge of a lifetime. HR leaders have spent the past several months working long hours, putting out fires, and making difficult decisions.

No doubt, this has been incredibly stressful for everyone, but it also highlighted many underlying issues that need to change. Here’s a look at four major lessons learned by HR leaders during this trying time.

Remote Work is Essential

Some companies have realized minimal business disruptions during the pandemic because employees were already able to work from home — at least some of the time. Already having the technology and processes in place made the shift from working in the office to full-time remote work largely seamless.

Of course, other organizations weren’t this efficient. Some had to scramble to put a remote work structure in place, and others were unable to do so. The takeaway here is employees with the ability to work remotely should have the resources to do so, even if this perk isn’t part of their standard work arrangement.

Employee Financial Wellness is a Major Issue

Nearly 60% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck, according to an April 2020 survey conducted by This has caused massive financial hardships for people, as the unemployment rate reached unprecedented levels over the past few months. Employers need to provide more robust financial education programs to employees, so they can learn to better prepare for unexpected money issues.

Flexibility is a Must

Most employers have had to make changes to adapt to trying circumstances caused by the pandemic. Companies that were able to go with the flow have largely fared better than those unable to shift from rigid structures. This involves everything from flexibility regarding employee work hours — especially for those working from home with young children — to shifting product lines and business models to better align with current demand.

Continuity Planning Matters

For many businesses, a continuity plan was something they had but rarely reviewed. Mostly considered a formality, these plans generally proved ineffective during the pandemic because they were outdated, untested, or both. This has been a wake-up call for many HR leaders that crisis planning needs to be taken seriously. Strategies must be reviewed regularly, tested for viability, and updated accordingly.

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