The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. Chances are, it has had a profound impact on your business. Many of your employees are likely working from home for the foreseeable future and those deemed essential have had to adapt to pretty major changes.

In this time of disarray, your team needs you more than ever. It can be hard to know what to say to them when you don’t know what the future holds yourself. However, frequent open and honest communication is a must.

Keeping everyone on the same page makes employees feel valued. If you’re currently stuck on what to say in group emails and virtual meetings, here’s a few items to cover.

4 Topics to Discuss With Your Team

Personal Well-Being

Make your employees feel like more than just a number by expressing concern for their welfare and that of their families. Reaching out to see how they’re doing and find out if there’s anything they need from you shows employees you genuinely care about them. People won’t forget how you made them feel during this unprecedented time, so being a compassionate employer can encourage loyalty and make employees want to work harder for you.

Business Updates

The economy is in a tumultuous state. Even people who have been employed throughout the pandemic are on edge because they don’t know what their future holds. If you haven’t been communicating where your business stands with employees, they’re likely a bundle of nerves. Send periodic updates letting them know what’s going on, so they can plan accordingly.

Answers to Common Questions

No doubt, your employees have plenty of questions about everything going on right now. Encourage them to speak up, because speculation can lead to unfounded rumors that cause chaos. Share answers to frequently asked questions with the group, to provide consistent messaging that keeps everyone informed.


People are going to ask questions you don’t have answers to. If you skirt around them with some version of the truth, they’ll realize what you’re doing and panic. It’s much better to admit you don’t have answers to everything employees want to know right now while making it clear you’re working to figure things out and will provide updates as you have them. Employees respect managers who are honest with them because they deserve to be kept in the loop.

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