Your company is a great place to work. No doubt, when you post an open position, you’re inundated with resumes. This is great, but it can also be problematic, as narrowing them down to one final candidate can be very challenging.

If you don’t have much — or any — hiring experience, this task can be overwhelming. Stop sweating it and use this advice to separate top contenders from candidates who aren’t right for the job.

Create a Must-Have List

When possible, try not to be too rigid with job descriptions, because the perfect candidate isn’t always the best match on paper. However, some skills and experience are non-negotiable, so figure out what that is before you start scanning resumes. This will allow you to do a quick first-round pass that eliminates those who very obviously won’t cut it.

Seek Out Customization

You know the position you’re working to fill is special, and you want to find a candidate who feels the same way. Those who have taken the time to tailor their resume for this opportunity are obviously serious about the job. They put in the time and effort to position themselves as the best candidate because they truly want it. Anyone who doesn’t take this step is lazy and not passionate about the job, so take a hard pass on them.

Pay Close Attention to Red Flags

If you pay attention to the clues, many candidates use their resume to tell you they’re not the best choice for the job. For example, spelling and grammatical errors are a clear sign they’re careless and not putting much effort into their resume.

Other potential issues, such as unexplained employment gaps and excessive job-hopping, should catch your eye, but don’t necessarily rule a candidate out because of them. Simply take note of these concerns and bring them if up they make it to the interview stage.

Read Between the Lines

People frequently apply for jobs, despite not meeting the minimum criteria. Look closely for vague statements — i.e., “familiar with,” “eager to learn” — that might signify their experience level would not allow them to hit the ground running. This could work if you’re willing to invest significant training in the right person, but if not, move on to the next.

Look for Proof

Candidates who are seriously qualified are excited to highlight their accomplishments. These people will quantify their achievements to really drive their fit home, so look for numbers. When candidates have evidence to support their claims, you can feel confident they’re not bluffing.

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