Temporary opportunities come with an expiration date, but that doesn’t mean they’re an invitation to slack off. While you’re part of the team, both your behavior and the work you do are a direct reflection of the company.

If you make a great impression, temp jobs can change your career for the better. Here’s some advice to help you shine in your next temp role.

Dress for Success

The manner in which you present yourself speaks volumes, so make a point to dress professionally. Take a few extra minutes each morning to choose neat clothing — i.e., no holes or wrinkles — and engage in basic personal care — i.e., comb your hair, brush your teeth — so you look fresh. Taking pride in your appearance shows respect for the job.

Be Patient

From the application process to your first few days on the job, things might not always go as quickly as you hoped. Take this in stride by being patient and smiling through it. For example, if your workstation isn’t set up when you arrive for your first day, just stay calm and be flexible. Complaining or constantly questioning your manager about it will only stress them out and make them wonder if bringing you on board was the right choice.

Arrive Ready to Work

Temps are typically hired to help out with a big project or fill a gap while an employee is out of the office. This means you’ll likely be greeted with a pile of work on your first day. Be prepared for this, so you can roll up your sleeves and get started. Doing so will be a great relief to your co-workers because they’ve likely been picking up the slack while waiting for your position to be filled.

Speak Up

As a new person to the team, no one expects you to know everything. In fact, temps are often not given the same level of training as permanent employees, meaning you should have questions. Don’t be afraid to approach your boss or colleagues with questions about the job. If you don’t ask them, there’s a good chance mistakes will be made.

Go the Extra Mile

Show your manager you’re a team player by going above and beyond what’s expected of you. If you finish an assignment early, ask your boss for additional work. Be willing to step outside the constraints of your position to help colleagues with their work, even if that means putting in a little overtime. This will make you a team favorite everyone will want to keep around.

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