As the saying goes, “there’s no ‘I’ in team.” However, you’re not sure if your employees got the memo. People do outstanding work individually, but they fall short when it’s time to collaborate on group projects.

Thankfully, with a little extra effort, you can turn things around. Use these tips to help your team improve their collaboration efforts.

Frequently Share the Company’s Mission

Bring your team together by continually reminding them why they show up to work each day. Hectic jobs can cause employees to lose sight of the purpose behind their work, so share your company’s mission often. A common objective unites people and inspires them to work together to achieve the very best outcome for the company.

Make Your Collaboration Expectations Clear

Your employees aren’t mind-readers. If you don’t communicate your desire for them to work together, they might not realize they’re falling short of your expectations. When assigning projects, highlight areas for individuals to complete both on their own and as a group effort. This will get everyone on the same page, so they know what you want from them.

Promote Individual Strengths

Each employee on your team brings something unique to the table. Make people feel valued by emphasizing their best attributes. This will boost each person’s confidence while helping them see where their colleagues excel. When people believe in themselves and their co-workers, they’re more inclined to work together.

Help Employees Bond

Your employees work for the same company, but that doesn’t mean they really know one another. If people don’t feel comfortable with their peers, it can be hard for them to collaborate. Combat this by getting them out of the office for regular team bonding events — i.e., happy hour, lunch, bowling, etc. Spending time together in a relaxed setting will allow people to bond on a personal level, which will help them feel more at ease when they return to the office.

Celebrate Success Together

Encourage your employees to work together by making a big deal of their joint efforts. When a team collaboration results in something positive for the company, gather everyone together, and celebrate. Having their hard work acknowledged will make people feel proud and help them see how much they can accomplish when they work together.

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