Your resume can make or break your chances of getting hired. Since it’s the first impression you make on potential employers, it needs to be sleek, polished, and sell you as the best person for the job.

Hiring managers have several key items they look for in resumes, but there’s also plenty of things they don’t want to see. Here’s a look at a few resume mistakes you don’t want to make.

Long Paragraphs

The best jobs receive a high volume of resumes. This means employers only have time to quickly skim each one, before moving on to the next. If your resume contains large blocks of text, they won’t read it. Always use bullet points, as they’re easy to scan, without missing key information.

Self-Serving Objective Statements

Employers want to know what you can do for their company — not what the job can do for your career. Use your objective statement or career summary to briefly explain why your skills and experience will benefit the organization. This will capture their attention because they want to hire a candidate who will help the company move forward.

Unquantified Accomplishments

It can be hard for employers to fully grasp the depth of your achievements if they’re not quantified. For example, noting that you streamlined a process and saved the company money is nice, but it really resonates when you say it reduced operating expenses by 20%. Including a numerical value is an easy way to eliminate the gray area.

Irrelevant Experience

No doubt, you’ve done a lot of exciting things in your career. However, it’s not all applicable to the job at hand. Omit any skills and experience that don’t relate to the job, because it takes the focus away from what you do have to offer. It can also send a message that you don’t really understand what the position entails.


When you make it to a certain point in the interview process, you’ll likely be asked to provide a list of references. There’s no need to include this on your resume because you’re not there yet. Chances are, your references won’t be thrilled to have their name and contact information distributed to every company you apply to, so keep this information to yourself until it’s requested.

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