You’re searching for a new job, but those of a permanent nature are the only ones on your radar. While you’ve certainly heard of temporary jobs, you’ve never explored that route.

The thing is, temporary opportunities can open doors you never imagined. Job assignments can turn into something more than expected, or the flexible nature of the work can allow you to be more in control of your career than ever. Here’s a look at a few advantages of temporary work.

It Might Be Your Dream Job

There’s only so much you can learn about a job until you’re in it. Temporary opportunities give you the chance to test-drive a position to see if it’s the right fit. If you like it, there’s a chance you’ll be hired full-time, but if not, there’s no obligation to stay put after your contract ends. This is a great way to find your perfect fit without being classified as a job hopper.

Fill a Skills Gap

If your resume is lacking essential skills or experience, a temporary job can help you get up to speed in no time. Tell your recruiter what you’d like to learn, and they’ll place you in a job that offers growth in your desired direction.

This can also be monumentally helpful if you’re looking to change careers. You can gain a wealth of experience to put on your resume in record time.

Earn Income and Benefits

Job seekers often feel compelled to accept the first opportunity that comes their way, because they need to earn a living. If you’re unemployed or seriously unhappy in your current job, you might share this sentiment. Temporary work is the ideal solution because you’re able to earn a paycheck and benefits while searching for the right fit, so you can take your time.

Expand Your Network

In the professional world, the more contacts you have, the better. As a temporary employee, you’ll meet an entirely new staff of people with every assignment you accept. This will allow you to expand your contact list quickly. Who you know can make all the difference in getting a job now or down the road, so connect with as many people as possible at each company.

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