Temporary work can be a great way to earn cash while searching for your dream job or gaining experience to change careers. You’ve been holding this type of job for awhile, but now you’re eager to put down roots.

You know employers frown upon job-hopping — and five-page resumes — so you’re not quite sure how to include your temporary work on your resume. Thankfully, it’s easier than you think. Here’s some advice to help you properly showcase this experience.

Highlight Temporary Work

Eliminate any confusion about your temporary work by clearly labeling jobs of this nature. Write “temporary” next to the job title, so the reader knows the position was never intended to be permanent. This is an easy way to list your wealth of experience, without sending the impression that you can’t hold a job.

Group Temporary Jobs Together

Your temporary work has led you to many different opportunities, but the staffing agency technically employed you. Leave no room for confusion by citing the staffing agency as your employer, and using bullet points to list each job beneath it. This makes it easy for someone quickly scanning your resume to understand these jobs were temporary.

List Your Achievements

Temporary jobs can be a fantastic learning opportunity, so showcase your top skills and achievements from each position. Use one to three bullet points to briefly summarize key accomplishments from each temporary job, relevant to the position you’re applying for. This will help sell you as the ideal candidate, while effectively explaining the value of your temporary work.

Any employer worth your time will be impressed that you took the initiative to hold temporary jobs. Whether you made this choice as a way to pay the bills in between jobs or to become a more competitive candidate when changing careers, this experience shows you’re a driven professional who truly wants to succeed. Be proud of yourself and the skills you gained.

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