Becoming a new manager is very exciting — and extremely nerve-wracking. Whether you were promoted to the position or just landed a new job that comes with managerial responsibilities, you’re eager to be a great leader.

Moving into a managerial role can be very challenging, because it doesn’t come with a handbook. Chances are, you’ve received no formal training to help you succeed in the job, so you have to find your own footing. Here’s some advice to help you get started.

Bond With Your Team

An effective manager helps their team learn and grow, but you can’t do this if you barely know your employees. Take the time to build relationships with these people, so you can lead them to greatness.

In the office, schedule regular one-on-one meetings to learn more about their goals, preferred workstyles, and general personalities. You’ll also want to be present and stop by their work areas a few times a day to say hello and see if they need anything.

It’s also important to bond outside the office in a more relaxed setting, by planning team activities — i.e., lunches, happy hours, volunteer days. This will help you learn more about them as people, which will make it easier to manage them.

Don’t Go on a Power Trip

Being the boss means you’re in charge, but you don’t constantly need to announce this. Unless your team gives you a reason to remind them who’s the boss, realize they’re well aware of your job title. No one wants to work for someone with a giant ego, who constantly throws their power around, just because they can. If you treat people with respect, they’ll give the same back to you.

Make Your Mark

There’s no need to waltz into your corner office and immediately start changing everything. However, being the boss gives you the opportunity to help the company move forward. If you see something that isn’t working — i.e., an outdated process or a unsatisfactory supplier — step up to the plate and make a change. You hold the key to innovation, so don’t be afraid to shake things up.

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