Filling an open position on your team is hard work. To find the right person, you interview several candidates, which is a very time-consuming process.

You’re always excited to inform your selected candidate your decision, but more often than not, the rest of the people you interviewed get lost in the shuffle. While they’ll eventually figure out they weren’t hired, this lack of communication is rude and can have a lasting impact on your brand. Here’s why you always need to let people know where they stand.

Candidates Deserve Transparency

After going through the interview process, people are understandably eager to know if they got the job. Failing to reach out — or ignoring their messages — is rude and creates false hope. Someone who wants the job might put their search on hold while waiting to hear from you, so holding them in limbo could keep them from another opportunity.

It’s the Right Thing to Do

Going through the hiring process at your company requires a significant time investment and can be emotionally draining. Therefore, you owe it to candidates to let them know where they stand — and to do it as quickly as possible. Letting someone know they weren’t selected might not be fun, but it isn’t fair to leave them in the dark.

Preserve Your Reputation

Online review sites — i.e., Glassdoor — make it easy for candidates to post reviews of your interview process. If several people share bad interview experiences, you’ll gain a reputation as an employer that treats candidates poorly. Once you’re marked with this designation, it’s hard to shake it.

Attract Top Talent

The best and brightest candidates want to work for a company that treats everyone with respect. If you become known as an employer that slights candidates not chosen, top talent won’t apply to work for you. This may have a negative impact on every aspect of your company because it’s hard to outshine your competition with a staff of subpar employees.

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