You’ve been searching for jobs for a while now, but despite applying for several, you’re hearing crickets. It’s only natural to become a bit discouraged, as being passed up by other candidates doesn’t feel great.

The good news is, the reason you’re not getting called is likely something you can easily fix. Here’s a look at a few common issues that keep candidates from getting interview invites.

Lack of Personalization on Your Cover Letter

Hiring managers seek candidates who want this particular job at their company — which means going the extra mile. One popular way to do this is searching for their name, so you can address it personally to them. When the hiring manager’s name isn’t listed on the job posting, it typically includes a clue you can use for a quick Google or LinkedIn search.

Not Checking to See if Attachments Open

When you submit your application, you likely include several documents designed to support your candidacy. The only problem is, if they don’t open, they can work against you. From a hiring manager’s perspective, if you can’t be bothered to make sure your attachments open, you probably don’t have the attention to detail needed to excel at the job.

Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Rightfully so, hiring managers expect your resume and cover letter to be flawless. If they contain spelling and grammatical errors, you’ll send the impression you’re not that interested in the job — i.e., candidates truly excited about the position will take the time to proofread their application materials.

Not Following Directions

To see how well candidates follow directions, employers often incorporate very specific guidelines for applications in job interviews. For example, you might be asked to include a certain subject line in your email submission. Failing to do this will likely disqualify you because no one wants to hire a candidate who doesn’t follow instructions.

Unprofessional Social Media Presence

Seven-in-10 employers research candidates on social media during the hiring process, according to CareerBuilder. Of this group, 57% have found information that caused them not to hire someone.

If you have a public social media presence, it needs to be strictly professional. Any personal content should be hidden away with privacy settings because you never know what might disqualify you for a job.

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