On an individual basis, your employees work fantastically. However, there’s room for improvement on the way they interact with each other.

If people don’t really know one another, their exchanges will be a bit awkward. Team-building activities are a great way to close the gap. Spending time in a setting outside the office can help people create genuine relationships that make them more comfortable working together.

Here’s some advice to help make your team stronger than ever.

Find Their Passions

Make team-building extra meaningful by planning events people are passionate about. For example, let employees to choose a nonprofit to volunteer for as a group. Allowing them to give back to a cause they’re passionate about will help them bond. People will find common ground they didn’t know they had, while making memories together.

Plan Activities They’ll Enjoy

All team-building events are not created equal. Keep your team members’ in mind when planning activities. For example, if your staff is composed of mostly young, single people, they might think a weekend retreat is fun. However, a team filled with parents would likely consider it a huge inconvenience.

For best results, take a poll to find out what team-building activities people want to do. This will increase engagement levels, making these outings more effective.

Encourage Workplace Friendships

Some companies frown upon employee friendships outside the office, but that doesn’t make sense. The more at ease people are with one another, the better they work together. Nurture relationships by planning team lunches and happy hours, where people can get to know one another on a personal level. Before you know it, they’ll be having weekend BBQs together — and their performance will reflect their newfound closeness.

Don’t Force It

Requiring employees to participate in team-building activities doesn’t work. Bonding won’t happen unless people truly want to be there. Making events optional ensures only those with the right attitude will show up. This will make the time together more fun for everyone, because one sour apple can ruin it for everyone.

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