Everyone has stressful days at work, but if your job is taxing most — or all — of the time, you need to make a change. Constantly being under pressure will take a toll on your mental and physical health — and no job is worth that.

Thankfully, there are plenty of steps you can take to manage the pressure you’re feeling. Here’s some advice to help you regain control of your life.

Confide in Your Colleagues

You work with some pretty amazing people, so let them know how you’re feeling. It always helps to know you’re not alone, and you might discover certain things making you feel tense are also bothering them.

If you’re good at hiding your feelings, it’s also possible they have no idea you’re under so much pressure. They might volunteer to take on some of the tasks causing you to feel stressed and overworked.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

When you’re feeling stressed at work, it’s more important than ever to spend your free time with loved ones who lift you up. Make plans with family and friends you truly enjoy being around. This will help you combat stress, so you can go back to work feeling refreshed and renewed.

Exercise Regularly

Not only is it good for your health, making exercise part of your standard routine is a great way to relieve stress. Working up a sweat will help you release the negative energy you’re feeling by pumping feel-good endorphins through your body. Knowing you’re doing something positive for your body will also make you feel good all over.

Find Purpose in Your Job

Every job has meaning — sometimes you just have to search a little harder to find it. Enjoy a sense of satisfaction by looking at the big picture. It’s easy to get lost in mundane day-to-day responsibilities and lose sight of the greater good. Focusing on the role you play in helping the company succeed will allow you to feel more at ease.

Talk to Your Boss

It’s very possible your manager has no idea you’re unhappy. Schedule a meeting with them to discuss the issues weighing you down — i.e., an unreasonably heavy workload or tasks on your plate not related to your job.

Bringing these problems to their attention gives them the opportunity to correct them. If it doesn’t result in a change, it might be time to move on, but at least you’ll know you tried.

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