You’ve found a job you’re really excited about, but there’s a catch; you don’t meet all the requirements. It’s easy to become discouraged and feel like you can’t apply, but if you really want it, don’t give up that easily.

For the right candidate, hiring managers are often willing to budge on skills and experience listed as mandatory requirements. Here’s how to sell yourself as the perfect fit, despite lacking all the right abilities on paper.

Find a Connection at the Company

Choosing the wrong person for the job can be very costly, so managers prefer candidates backed by someone they trust. Use LinkedIn to see if you have any contacts —or at least any shared connections — at the company. If so, try to use this link to get an introduction to the hiring manager. This move can add serious weight to your candidacy.

Emphasize Your Transferrable Skills

You might not have every requirement on the list, but you’re a talented professional with a lot to offer. Focus on your transferrable skills to show the hiring manager you have the right foundation to excel at the job. This approach will be especially helpful if you’re a career changer trying to break into a new field.

Highlight Your Value in the Cover Letter

Anything but optional, your cover letter is your chance to really drive your fit home. Use it to reiterate your qualifications, show enthusiasm for the job and share any unique attributes you possess that would make you a great fit. A well-written cover letter can make the difference between landing an interview and having your resume tossed in the reject pile, so take the time to do it right.

Demonstrate Your Cultural Fit

A candidate might have all the right qualifications, but if their personality isn’t a match for the company culture, they won’t last. Research the culture and, if you truly feel like you’re a perfect fit, emphasize this in the job interview. Be prepared to underline things like your shared values, compatible workstyle and passion for the company.

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