Your employees are seriously talented people, but lately they haven’t been working to the best of their ability. Production levels have declined, and you’re starting to worry about the impact this will have on your business.

It’s very possible there’s a bit of a disconnect that’s keeping employees from realizing their full potential. Here’s a few ways to bridge the gap and start getting the most from your team.

Clearly Define Your Values

Your organizational values define who your team is and what makes it unique. In addition to serving as your identity, they should also help employees understand what’s expected of them. Obviously, something is currently getting lost in translation, so take a closer look at your values and search for places to tighten them up.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Making sure employees fully understand their jobs starts during the interview process. Manage expectations from the beginning by writing thorough job descriptions that clearly state the responsibilities associated with each position. Continue driving this sentiment home by requiring managers to meet with direct reports regularly — for example, biweekly one-on-one meetings — to open the lines of communication and help people know exactly what’s expected of them.

Set Reasonable Deadlines

When creating project deadlines, managers typically focus on company needs, but that isn’t the most effective route. Instead, issues impacting employees should be taken into consideration — i.e., how success will be measured, the amount of time the project should take and what their total workload looks like — because confused and overworked staffers aren’t set up to succeed.

Properly Train Managers

Being a manager is hard work. For most people, the responsibilities associated with the job aren’t innate, so training — both initial and ongoing — is required to be effective in the role. This will teach them to both hold employees accountable for their actions and ensure they have the resources needed to properly do their jobs. Expect better results when team leaders know how to motivate and inspire.

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