The best jobs are inundated with resumes, so if you want to get noticed, yours needs to make an impact. Recruiters read resumes for a living, so if yours is hard to read or doesn’t immediately make sense, they’ll likely write you off as an unqualified candidate.

You definitely have what it takes to get any job you want, so don’t let your resume hold you back. Here’s some advice to polish it into a document that captivates even the most discerning recruiter.

Quantified Achievements

Vague statements make it hard for a recruiter to understand the depth of your skills and experience. If they’re unable to gauge what you have to offer in a quick scan of your resume, they’ll likely toss your resume into the reject pile. Avoid this by quantifying as many of your accomplishments as possible. For example, saying you developed a new process that resulted in significant cost savings last year is great, but noting a process you created allowed the company to reduce expenses by 10% last year really drives your talent home.

Clean Formatting

Stylish layouts and elaborate graphics look nice, but recruiters often use software to give resumes a first-round scan. Many of these programs are unable to read anything beyond plain text, so your extra efforts can actually work against you. It’s much better to dedicate your time to working in relevant keywords, because that’s what these programs recognize.

Distinguished Sections

Help the recruiter navigate your website by separating information into separate sections. This will make the content flow better and allow them to know what they’re about to read, instead of having to figure it out on their own. Consider this an incredibly easy step that really makes a difference.

Organized Content

Creating sections will help organize your resume, but that’s only one step. Arrange the content into a defined format — i.e., reverse chronological, functional, combination — that makes sense. A resume tells the story of your career, so organizing it well will keep the recruiter engaged and allow them to easily follow along.

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