Right now, you feel like you’re just ok at your job. You do decent work and follow all the company rules, but you’d like to add more value to the team. It’s time boost your confidence, so you can stop hindering your own path to success.

You’re a talented person with a lot to offer, so believe in yourself. Use these tips to become a more self-assured employee.

Outshine Yourself

You’ve done a lot of great work in the past, but there’s even more of that in your future. Feel amazing about yourself by constantly surpassing your own goals. Rather than comparing yourself to someone else, focus on your personal growth. This will help you realize you can achieve anything when you really put your mind to it.

Keep Your Word

Following through on a promise feels great. Boost your confidence by telling your colleagues you’re going to complete a certain task, then actually doing it. Publicly holding yourself accountable essentially forces you to keep your word. Doing so makes you feel great, while showing your co-workers you can be trusted to finish what you started.

Commit to Constant Learning

Knowledge is power, so take every opportunity to acquire new information. Stay informed by reading industry publications and following leaders in your field on social media. When possible, attend lunch and learns, seminars and conferences to enhance your skills and find out about new trends on the horizon. The more you know, the more confident you’ll feel in your abilities.

Share Your Thoughts

Instead of remaining mum in meetings, start voicing your ideas and opinions to the group. Overcoming your shyness and speaking up will make you feel empowered. Sometimes people will agree with what you say and sometimes they won’t, but that doesn’t matter. What’s important is you’ve found your voice and are no longer afraid to use it. This will boost your level of self-assurance and increase your value to the team.

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