Finding a great new job isn’t easy. The most competitive opportunities receive a high volume of resumes, meaning yours needs to really stand out from the crowd.

You’re a talented candidate any employer would be fortunate to have, so take the time and effort to craft a resume worthy of your skills and experience. Here’s some advice to help polish your resume to perfection.

Worry Less About Formatting

It’s important for your resume to be arranged nicely. You want to choose a format that makes sense for your unique situation — i.e., reverse-chronological, functional, combination — but don’t spend too much time fretting over its structure. The content is what matters most, so this is where the bulk of your attention should be placed.

Create an Applicant Tracking Software-Approved Layout

Many companies use applicant tracking software to give resumes a first-round screening. If yours doesn’t have a layout conducive to these programs, it could be passed over without being viewed by human eyes. A fancy, elaborate format might look nice, but it could be hard for an ATS to read. Therefore, it’s best to keep the layout clean and simple.

Remove Dates Older Than 2005

If you’ve been in the workforce for some time, it might not be necessary to share your entire employment history. In many cases, potential employers will want to see at least 15 years of work experience in your field, which would require you to list jobs that predate 2005. However, if you’re not asked to provide such an extensive career history, eliminate those older than 2005 to keep the focus on your most relevant experience.

Tailor the Content for Each Opportunity

Hiring managers know a generic resume when they see one — and they don’t like it. Submitting the same standard resume for each opportunity sends the message you’re not that interested in the job. Additionally, the broad content doesn’t highlight your fit for the position at hand. The savviest candidates understand the importance of taking this step, so if you opt out, you’ll be passed up.

Ask Someone Else to Proofread

Having anything but a flawless resume just won’t cut it in a job search. Even one spelling or grammatical error will stand out to the hiring manager, likely causing them to think you don’t take pride in your work or aren’t that excited about the job. In addition to proofreading several times yourself, ask at least one other person you trust to review it.

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