Filling open positions on your team is hard work. During the interview process, you’ll likely encounter several talented candidates capable of doing the job. From there, you have to decide which one is the best fit for your team — and that can be a challenge.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right person for the job.

Gauge Their Connection to Your Mission

By the time you invite a candidate to interview for the position, you’ve reviewed their resume and determined they have the basic skills needed to do the job. However, this isn’t enough to really shine in the role. Not only does top talent possess the right abilities, they also want to make a difference at your company. They understand the importance of the role and are excited at the possibility of being chosen to fill it.

You’ll know if the person really connects with your mission by their responses to common interview questions. For example, instead of simply walking you through their skills, they’ll find a way to relate them in a manner that’s relevant to the position.

Find Out How They Define Success

There are many different ways to achieve success, so it’s important to find a candidate whose definition aligns with your company culture. For example, if your business is focused improving the bottom line, you want to hire someone who views success as a numbers game. This ensures the person will be motivated by the same goals as the rest of the team.

Evaluate Their Passion for the Job

A candidate might have all the right skills, but if they’re not passionate about the position, don’t hire them. Your team deserves a new member who truly believes in the work they’re doing. When someone is enthusiastic about their job, they give it their all and don’t think twice about going the extra mile.

When interviewing an enthusiastic candidate, you’ll notice their eyes light up when they talk about the work. They’ll have clearly reseached your company and will ask plenty of weighted questions to learn as much as possible about the position.

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