Employees dedicate their professional lives to your company, so they deserve to know what’s going on within their team, department and the organization as a whole. Not only is keeping people informed the right thing to do, it also helps them do their jobs better and can even reduce turnover.

Communication can — and should — take a variety of forms, as different messages require the use of different mediums. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Regular Meetings

The value of face-to-face meetings cannot be emphasized enough. It’s easy for messages to be misconstrued through digital communication, so being in the same room with your team gets everyone on the same page.

As far as the frequency of these meetings, that’s up to you. Quick daily briefings might help a small team with a lot going on stay informed, while weekly meetings could be the better choice for a larger staff. Holding company-wide townhall meetings on a quarterly basis can also be an effective way to get all workers together to share updates pertinent to everyone.

Email Newsletters

Sending a weekly or monthly newsletter to all employees in the company will help them stay in the loop. This is a great format for non-urgent updates that people can read at their leisure. A few examples of content that might be included would be an overview of what each department is working on or a recap of a recent volunteer project completed by a group of employees.

Company Intranet

If you don’t already have a company intranet or employee portal, consider building one. This can be a fantastic communication tool, because it allows you to quickly and easily reach every person employed by the organization. You can share a variety of content, from breaking news impacting the business to a calendar that lists company holidays and events. Content can be updated as frequently as you like, giving you the flexibility to share information when needed.

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