Finding the right candidates to interview is hard work, but that’s only half the battle. Things really start to heat up when you bring them in for the actual interview. In many cases, this is your one chance to find the best person for the job, so if you don’t play your cards right, you might not succeed.

Filling an open position on your team is a very big deal. Get off to the right start by not making these five mistakes.

Failing to Prepare in Advance

If you think you don’t need to prepare for a job interview, you’re sorely mistaken. Every job interview is unique, so it doesn’t matter how many you’ve conducted in the past. Carefully reviewing the candidate’s resume, crafting questions specific to the job and preparing responses to questions they might ask you is a must. Not covering all the bases could cause you to miss a crucial detail, and it sends the message you don’t have your act together.

Not Tailoring Questions to Fit the Job

You need to know if the candidate can handle this particular job. Therefore, tailoring questions to meet the requirements of the position are a must. Ask questions that will allow you to gauge both their skills and personality, so you can decide if they’re an all-around fit.

Neglecting to Explain the Hiring Process

Candidates spend a lot of time and energy on your hiring process, so they deserve to be kept in the loop. Before they leave the interview, share your hiring timeline with them. This should include each step of the interview process, along with dates — or date ranges — you expect them to occur. Let them know how you’ll inform them if they made it to the next stage, so they don’t have to sit by the phone.

Allowing Yourself to Be Distracted

You’re a very busy person with a lot on your plate, but when you’re interviewing a candidate, they should be your top priority. Put your laptop aside — unless you’re taking notes — silence your phone and instruct team members not to interrupt, so you can give the candidate your undivided attention.

Behaving in an Uninviting Manner

Many interviewers forget they’re not the only person in the room gathering information to make a big decision. If you behave badly, they’re probably not going to accept your job offer. Think about how you would want to be treated if the roles were reversed, and let this guide your demeanor during the interview.

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